At the westernmost edges of Marchen, the barony of Yorlen is an unfortunate bastion against the creatures and preying Huldra of the Caonach Vale. The temperament of its ruler, Valter von Yorlen, does little to ease the burden of those living in the Vale’s shadow. Hamlets and villages dot the forest at the foot of the mountains.

Inhabitants of Yorlen tend to be reserved, suspicious, hard working and stubborn—traits that aid survival under the circumstances. Most of them are serfs working the fields of the local knights, though a fair number of freefolk also ply their trades. Few denizens of Yorlen will ever travel to another fief—many will never leave their home towns or the surrounding land.

Valter Von Yorlen exacts heavy taxes from his vassal knights, exempting only those who demonstrate their ability to protect themselves. This means the people of Yorlen must work hard, either to bear the burden of these taxes, or to earn a living while still training in militias.

Noteworthy Figures

Valter von Yorlen

Ursi Arcistoth


Arkaley — A village in the woods.



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