Witch of the Rattle Bog


The people of Toadstool Hollow have told stories about the Witch of the Rattlebog for over fifty years. Since the town’s founding during the Marchen Invasion the bog to the east has had an evil reputation, and when the Witch moved in, things only got worse. They say she catches children who wander off and cooks them in her cauldron, mulching them down to water her garden with the resulting stew. All she grows are fungus and mushrooms—beds of mold, fields of toadstools, carefully cultivated lichens—all manner of things that thrive in foulness and rot. Woe betide any interloper who steals from her garden, for her Curse will slowly transform them into fungus themselves.

The Witch’s hut lies between faerie and the Mortal Kingdom. At the heart of a foul lake called Dark Hollow is a well kept wooden shack, cast into sickly green light by lanterns filled with phosphorescent fungus. A foul tempered troll lurks at the bottom of the lake, only coming up for air when absolutely necessary. All around are twisted willow trees and patches of fungus. It is said that every mushroom nearby is grown from the children she’s cooked, and they all rise up to obey their mother. Rumor has it there is a greater, stronger servant of hers called Father, but none have seen it and lived to tell the tale.

  • Trades in flesh
  • Put a curse on Morel for stealing from her garden. The curse slowly turns Morel and all the people of Toadstool Hollow into mushrooms.
  • The Dark Hollow is her sanctuary. So long as she remains there, she cannot be truly killed—striking her down will simply cause her to collapse back into the land and be reborn from the fungus.
  • Dark Hollow can be destroyed if its heart is exposed to pure sunlight.

Witch of the Rattle Bog

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