Valter von Yorlen

Baron of Yorlen Hold.


Valter Von Yorlen, vassal to King Isbrand the Third who Reigns in the Light of Gloriana’s Radiant Queen, is not a happy man. His temper is infamous throughout the barony. Denizens of the hamlets and villages that dot the forested lands of Yorlen will go out of their way to avoid drawing the Baron’s ire or attention. He does not have a reputation for cruelty—only ire in the face of unlawfulness or idiocy.

Taxes in Yorlen hold are high. Baron Yorlen longs for the luxuries and splendour of life. Envious of the King of Marchen’s court—let alone the supposed wonders of High Gloriana itself—he tries to surround himself with fine decorations, rich food, and wondrous apparel. Unfortunately for him, Yorlen’s position, perilously close to the Caonach Vale and the shadow of the Bitter King, means that time and resources must be spent keeping a firm hand on the region and reinforcing defenses. Begrudgingly, Baron Valter has lowered taxes for settlements that have an armed and trained militia capable of protecting themselves. Any village that calls upon the Baron’s soldiers for help, however, can expect their taxes to raise to the normal rate. Bordering hamlets are therefore reluctant to call upon Yorlen’s knights and men-at-arms, lest they add to their burdens.

Valter von Yorlen

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