Ursi Arcistoth

Old knight of Arcistoth Fief.


After long service in wars against the Huldra and the neighboring kingdoms, Ursi Arcistoth was named a vassal of King Isbrand II and granted a fief of her own. That was many years ago, at the end of the last King’s reign. Ursi prefers to stay as far away from court matters as possible, content to reign over her smattering of villages, insult Baron Yorlen’s tax collectors whenever they come calling, and viciously ride out against any threats to her lands.

Though the old bear is getting weaker with age, her blasphemous sense of humor and blunt tactical appraisals have not lost their edge. Ursi is a cunning strategist, who combines a willingness to wade into the thick of combat with the treacherous skill of old age. She expects her people to learn to defend themselves—both out of a belief in self reliance, and to spite Baron Yorlen.

Ursi is notoriously stubborn—her nickname stems from her ferocity in battle and her refusal to ever admit wrongdoing or failure. Her keep is well stocked with food and weaponry and notably low on courtiers and fine things.

The greatest feat Arcistoth ever performed was the vanquishing of Iommor, the Huldra skin changer. In the shape of a bear Iommor rampaged through the villages of Marchen, vanishing into the mists of the Caonach Vale. Ursi road out alone into the Vale and defeated Iommor in single combat.

Ursi rules from Arcistoth Keep, looming over the walled town of Calchester


Ursi Arcistoth

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