Former-Master of the Tower of Nails


When Florian perished and left the Tower of Nails vacant, another former student of the Gloriana Academy stepped in to take over the lease. Unlike Florian, Royse never completed his studies—he left in disgrace after a disagreement with the Council of Elders.

Reclusive in the extreme, Royse is never seen by the nearby denizens of Dunlan Fief. Long ago he sent servants to town to arrange for the constant delivery of basic necessities and supplies. The wagon-drivers who make the trek up the rocky mountain pass never set foot inside the tower itself; they simply leave the supplies with the hulking doorman, who pays them for their trouble without saying a word and sends them back on their way.

Royse has no known correspondents. He pays his dues for the usage of the tower diligently, and leaves the townsfolk undisturbed. Outside of that he is an enigma.


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