Occult guardian of Gloriana


Theme: Helvegen by Wardruna

Few faces are as oft seen but little understood as that of Gloriana’s mysterious court wizard. Rumor names her the most powerful wizard in all the land, oathbound to protect the throne from dark magic and the whispering lure of the Fairy Realm.

Rúnda’s feats of magic are known throughout the land, though the truth of her power and deeds are sketchy. It’s said she walks between the lands of the living, the fairy, and the dead at will, guarding borders and fighting battles mortals will never see. Her enchanted lantern is the focus of her power. It is blessed with the ability to reveal other worlds and uncover the glamours of the fey.

Her right arm holds aloft her lantern and her left is never seen, but blood constantly drips from that sleeve. Perhaps she made a terrible pact with a wicked fairy, or suffered an unhealable wound in the lands of the dead.

Eolas her owl serves as constant companion. She is nearly as silent as him. Though Rúnda is seen often in the high courts of Gloriana, she only rarely speaks, and when she does, her words are cryptic and poetic. It seems that the Queen and her advisors understand what the court wizard means, if no one else.



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