Queen of Stars


Lo! in the paintedoriel of the West,
Whose panes the sunken sun incarnadines,
Like a fair lady at her casement, shines
The evening star, the star of love and rest!
And then anon she doth herself divest
Of all her radiant garments, and reclines
Behind the sombre screen of yonder pines,
With slumber and soft dreams of love oppressed.
O my beloved, my sweet Hesperus!
My morning and my evening star of love!
My best and gentlest lady! even thus,
As that fair planet in the sky above,
Dost thou retire unto thy rest at night,
And from thy darkened window fades the light.

— The Evening Star, Henry Wadsforth Longfellow

Theme: Fanuilos

It is said that in all of Faerie, no place is more full of sorrow and joy than the Court of Stars. There dwells Morwel, who wears a dress of shimmering motes of light, whose hair is as fire and gold, whose sword is a ray of moonlight, whose consorts weave the threads of destiny and rage with the desert’s fury.

When mortals and fairies perceive her court, it is as an autumnal sylvan forest. Overhead the sky is brilliant with massive stars, far closer than the skies of the mortal realm or even the Sky Kingdom. The Celestial Lights dance overhead, running in all directions, and even touching the ground itself. At the center of the forest lies a palace of crystal. A rainbow settles in the middle courtyard, directly adjacent to the spire where Morwel and her consorts hold court.

Access to the court is under the sole power of Morwel, who dictates when the paths to her realm open and where they appear. The only other way to reach the Court of Stars is by walking the rainbow that leads to the palace itself—the “Road of Seven Veils.” This entrance is heavily guarded by Morwel’s most powerful archons, shining beings of light and glass.

In Morwel’s courtyard the legendary Fountain of Beauty flows with waters of liquid diamond. It is said to be the source of the beauty of all fairies and elves, though this is a matter of myth as much as fact.

The Queen herself appears to mortals as a elflike being with red hair, her beauty otherworldly and awesome to behold. She wears a mantle composed of flickering stars that flow from her neck down to her feet. Her eyes are pools of violet opal, her voice filled with a soothing energy.

This guise, however, is merely a veil cast over her true radiance, the light of which mortal flesh and eyes cannot endure.


Some claim that Morwel is an archfey who delights in beauty and inspires mortals to acts of kindness. Others tell tales of the fury of her two lovers, a noble gentleman and a furious dervish queen. Scholars concerned with the most esoteric nature of the universe say that her title, Queen of Stars, is not simply an allusion to her sparkling home. Rather, it is whispered that Morwel kindles new stars when the old ones go out, and brings swift ruin to any mortals who might somehow threaten the Guardians of Heaven.

Morwel rarely leaves her court, but there are accounts of her appearing in the court of Vindur, the Thunder King.



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