Mairg, Mother of Mists

Huldra Queen


Redounding teares did choke th’ end of her plaint,
Which softly ecchoed from the neighbour wood;
And sad to see her sorrowfull constraint
The bitter king upon her gazing stood;
With pittie fired, kindled his wrathful mood.
At last in close hart shutting up her paine,
Arose the mother borne of faerie brood
And to her mournrful face swore again,
Vengeance gainst noon children she might attaine.

THEME: The Mad Harvester, by Vindsvept

A Huldra sorceress of terrible power. She is as old as the bitter king. From the Emerald Pools she reaches out with her magic, casting enchanted mists across the land.

The Emerald Pools

Mairg’s palace is built on a hill at the bottom of a lush and verdant valley, hidden on all sides by high rocks, moss curtains, and veiling magic. At the height of this hill is a rock formation shaped by her magic, and at the heart of these rocks lie the mystical springs from which Mairg draws her sorcerous power.

Nowhere is this power stronger than in the Emerald Pools—a series of three ponds fed by water constantly flowing over the barren heartrock. It is said that Mairg can gaze into the pools and see far off places, listen to the designs of her foes, and—should she submerge herself in their depths—send her power far beyond the Caonach Vale to plague mortals.

Save when she is deep within the Emerald Pools, Mairg is attended at all times by a host of fairies and huldra—lyrists to play soothing and lovely songs, dancers, hand servants and merry makers. A ceaseless dance and festival surrounds her, not a site of noisesome carousing, but a carefully curated display of gentle and delicate loveliness. Those participating in the constant celebration live in fear, for should Mairg find fault with their art, their actions or even their appearance, they may find themselves banished—or worse…


Marig has been one of Ri Searbhas’ queens since he took the throne. She bore to him a son, Iommor, who became a powerful skin-changer. To please his father Iommor took the shape of a massive bear with red eyes and bone-white claws, and ravaged the lands of Arcistroth Fief.

Twenty years ago, Ursi Arcistoth road out into the Caonach Vale, and in a misty pass she confronted Iommor. She slew the Son of Mairg in single combat and buried him there in the meadow.

Mairg came to her son’s grave and wept tears of silver. Her loyal kind piled earth atop the simple grave and turned it into a burial mound in the fashion of their ancestors. Straight from there Mairg vanished to the Starless Market. When she returned, she stormed into the court of the BItter King, wearing a Crown of Roots. What demands she made of him are unknown, but shortly thereafter one of Ri Searbhas’ other queens, Dakona, was slain, and her children driven from the land of Angren, which lies wild and unruled. Mairg is believed responsible, but her motivations are unknown.

Mairg, Mother of Mists

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