Dakona An'Angren

Assassinated Huldra Queen


Corik, as your duty bids, safeguard the daughter of Angren.

Theme: Norrsken

A Huldra queen and one of Ri Searbhas’ wives. By the designs of Mairg, she lost the king’s favor, and shortly after the valley of Angren was stormed by rival Huldra. They slew the queen, who died in the arms of her guardian, Corik Tel’Maerlyth. Her sons barely escaped, and Corik took Dakona’s youngest daughter, Rhawunel Searbhas of Angren, and fled the valley.

Dakona’s spirit lives on, for her last words to Corik sealed her soul within an ancestral amulet that she trusted to her guardian. Even now she watches over her daughter, guiding her towards reuniting her family.


Mother of Caill, Nabac and Rhawunel Searbhas of Angren

Dakona An'Angren

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