Bordul Farraud


Blood Hunter, Order of the Mutant. Known associate of Tarah Arcistoth, Gnaurus and Sorruk. Lost his leg to a shadar-kai assassin. Survived when the order went underground, still hunting evil.

Currently based out of the Tower of Nails, where he aids the Band of Iron and trains the Parliament of Bastards in the ways of the Blood Hunters.


Bordul is loathe to discuss the past, preferring to focus on matters of alchemy, the behavior and hunting of monsters, and action aimed towards the future. If given a good reason why the past is relevant, he will reluctantly and matter of factly relate his tale.

Clan Farraud

Clan Farraud hails from Qexelcrag in the mountains of Lyteri. Their specialty is cobbling, the making of shoes, and long ago they set out on a migratory life. Farraud would move through the human nations of Lyteri, Borgondhi and Fair Gloriana, plying their trade town by town. Such was their craft that on their arrival, barons and counts would implore them to stay and make boots and sandals and shoes that would set them apart from their peers at court.

When Bordul was but a young dwarf, not yet an adult, a group of families from Clan Farraud broke off from the main clan to follow the armies of Geirr into Marchen. Armies needed walking shoes like nobody else, and work was plentiful. But when the Autumn Court sprang their trap upon Geirr and his knights, the front collapsed, and suddenly Farraud was on the very front lines. The fleeing remnants of Geirr’s forces passed through them, bearing the would-be-king’s corpse.

Though they had no quarrel with the Huldra, the dwarves of Clan Farraud took up arms and held the line against the Huldra vanguard. Bordul was there as arrows fell around them and huldra hunters circled around the back, seeking any weak point in the dwarven formation. When the wounded had escaped, the huldra withdrew.

When Isbrand Von Marchen III arrived with relief forces, he praised the dwarves and offered them land and a home. Because of that battle, Clan Farraud stayed in the lands that would become Calchester. Bordul came to adulthood in the town and watched it grow from a fenced encampment to a bustling city. They built up walls and created a small dwarven district within Calchester.

Coming of Age

As the fifth of NINE children—unusual for a dwarf—Bordul felt little affinity for the family trade. He was more interested in the dark magic surrounding these lands, a magic he’d experienced first hand in the war against the Huldra.

Instead, he delved into the art of alchemy. While he got some dirty looks from the rest of the clan, his reagents and concoctions were useful enough to get him by. Texts of alchemical knowledge were hard to find, but he pieced things together for a while. After years of hard work, he saved enough money to join his brother, Tilro Farraud, on a caravan that would lead him around the Northern Kingdoms.

In the scholarium of Valdotain he spent a great deal of his coin on two texts—a flowing treatise on the Emerald Tablets by the alchemist Paracelsus, and a list of concoctions and reagents penned by Ison Siranox, Last Mage of Galadron.

This work so intrigued Bordul that he began researching Ison’s life, tracing the archmage’s origins to the town of Deepwatch in Lyteri. Fortunately for him, the road led through Qexelcrag to those lands.

In The Mountains

While crossing the Qexelcrag mountains, the Farraud caravan was beset by a terrible storm. They took shelter in a cave. While exploring, Bordul found a statue gallery, and immediately assumed the worst—sure enough, a mated pair of Basilisks had made the cave their nest. Though he warned Tilro in time, Bordul met the basilisk’s gaze and transformed into stone.

Unable to fight their way back in, Tilro went in search of help. It took him four months of searching, chasing leads, raising money and hiring adventurers, but at last he found someone who would help him restore his brother.

The Blood Hunter

From the distant city of Aberatum in the Pearl Sea, a stranger came all the way to Lyteri.

Bordul Farraud

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