Bastards of Arcistoth

Gaemund and his ill-fortuned brothers


The sons of Tarah Arcistoth have fared poorly in life. No two of them have the same father, and many hold this as a point of shame against them and their mother. Aunt Ursi will have nothing to do with any of them, citing them as a disgrace to the family legacy. As if that wasn’t enough, each of their respective ventures has ended in failure time and time again. Ill fortune follows them like their own shadows.

Ulfert, First Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Ranger; Wanderer
Travels throughout the Marchen Wood, restless and ever moving

Boltulf, Second Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Werebear; Forester
Roams the wilds between Marchen Wood and Borghundi, to the North of Calchester

Cyril, Third Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Merchant; Fortune Teller; Wanderer
Travels across the realm, much like his mother, moving from town to town selling his wares, telling fortunes, and siring sons…and only sons

Erginus, Fourth Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Stevedore; Drunk; Semi-Wanderer

Travels between Gloriana and the Marchen Woods working as a dockhand, drinking himself to a stupor between the two kingdoms

Fendrel, Fifth Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Blacksmith; Bartender/Bouncer
Older-twin to Frederic

Calchester is his home, Fendrel has lived near or within Calchester’s walls since he was old enough to leave his mother’s wagon. Fendrel owns a small forge and works part-time as a bartender, and occasional bouncer, at a local tavern called The Colt and Collie

Frederic, Sixth son of Tarah Arcistoth


Merchant; Carpenter
Younger-twin to Fendrel
After spending years at sea, only to get shipwrecked no less than four times, Frederic returned to the Arcistoth home fief of Calchester. Ursi has not seen him once in the five years since his homecoming. He is determined to make a living for himself here, in what was once their hometown, and works hard as a merchant and carpenter to earn the respect and dignity he feels his family is owed. Frederic harbors a deep grudge against Gaemund for refusing to set down roots. Perhaps he is jealous of Gaemund’s close bond with their mother, Tarah.

Gaemund, the Seventh Son of Tarah Arcistoth.


Merchant; Charlatan; Wanderer
Youngest of the whole lot. He is the black sheep of a family of black sheep, reviled and cursed for his willing collaboration with Valter von Yorlen. Little do his fellow Bastard’s know that his secret generosity sponsors their continued survival.


Bastards of Arcistoth

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