The Mists of Arkaley -- Part 1

Tavion Gervis received a letter from Manard Weaver, asking him to carry out an exchange in the village of Arkaley—a bolt of fine linen in exchange for a mysterious object. In addition, he mentioned that a man named Euthynos is preventing him from acquiring the books that Ulreik Hras Halril requested, and that Tavion’s ward should speak with Convarch Callach, Reeve of Arkaley. The companions set out for the village.

Arkaley itself was a strange place, whose inhabitants had become wary after years of trying to live at peace with the local fairies. Bromin persuaded Arkaley’s gatekeeper that they had come to trade, and proceeded to the Inn.


That night, the mysterious mists rolled back into town, obscuring everything from sight. They awoke to find that Ammy the innkeeper had come down with a fever, and could not wake up. The militia arrived to confront the companions, blaming them for Ammy’s sickness. Mo Rel tried to sneak down the stairs to avoid them, but tripped and tumbled all the way down, landing at the Reeve’s feet. Princess Aine and Nashia Arie convinced the villagers to let them check on Ammy’s health. At this time, Tyrandriel snuck up and joined the group.

Ammy showed signs of poison—a stain around her mouth and blisters on her gums. Rhawunel called upon the power of her mother and guardian to purge the poison from Ammy’s body, and the innkeeper began to recover. The companions discovered the following important facts:

  • The Mists started two months ago. Each night they blew in, a child fell ill.
  • The symptoms of the illness were fever and an inability to awaken.
  • The Miller has twins—a son and a daughter—and they were the last to fall ill. When they recovered, the mists stopped flowing.
  • Ammy’s daughter fell ill the night before Fiebras’ children did. Her child did not survive.
  • The only time two children were affected was when Fiebras’ twins fell ill.
  • Ammy is the oldest person to fall ill when the mists blew into town.
  • Everyone thought the mists had stopped a month ago.
  • None of the other victims showed blisters around the mouth.

The Companions decided to speak to the miller. They traveled to his home and found he’d barricaded himself, his wife and his children within. Gaemund and Aine presented themselves as the agents sent to conduct the trade, but Fiebras refused. With the mists returned, he was too afraid for his children.

After some intimidation and convincing, the companions learned that the package (which Tavion had been instructed not to inspect or ask questions about) was in fact a goblet carved from a single solid chunk of amethyst. The only contents of the goblet are some ashes caked at the bottom. They also learned the following facts.

  • The last night of the mists, when Fiebras’ twins were ill, two strangers wearing coarse gray robes knocked on the miller’s door. They told him they were here to help the children and persuaded him to allow them entry.
  • The two strangers went into the childrens’ room and shut the parents out. Fiebras smelled smoke and heard voices speaking softly. When the strangers emerged, the miller’s children had awoken and the fever started going down. He never saw them again, but that night was the last time the mists came into town.
  • A day later, Fiebras found the amethyst goblet hidden in the stacks of grain at his mill. He feared the fairies had left it there, but seeing its great value he wrote to Manard Weaver seeking to sell it.


Now that the mists had returned, Fiebras means to hold on to the goblet, hoping that it might offer some protection for his children. Aine suspected that the mist and plague might caused by fairies replacing human children with changelings. The companions checked on the children—Rhawunel’s divine sight proved they were still human. They managed to convince Fiebras that one of Aine’s possessions—a turquoise figurine—would similarly ward his children. After all, it was not wise to cross Manard the Weaver.

The companions had accomplished their goal, but mysteries and questions remained. At Gaemund’s urging, they took their wagon west towards the mountains of the Caonach Vale. in search of Iommor’s Grave. To prepare to face whatever enchantment lay in the mist, Bromin brewed a special ivy into his ale and passed it around. During the journey, the mists poured down on them. Mo Rel woke when Gaemund started retching in his sleep. He’d been poisoned by whatever had afflicted Ammy. The perpetrator left no footprints, but a yellow stain and blisters showed the poisoner’s mark.

With vigilance renewed they drew close to Iommor’s Grave. Ursi Arcistoth gave Iommor only a basic grave, but the Huldra came and turned it into a burial mound in the fashion of their ancestors. Silver Whorl flowers grew atop the barrow, and Rhawunel’s divine sense revealed the presence of a powerful and angry spirit. Nashia Arie plucked a flower for her studies, and they found the entrance to the tomb.


Within was a simple tunnel that led down to a stone slab. Gifts of the mourning huldra dotted the passageway. The slab at the end had been painted with berries and other natural dyes into a scene depicting the death of Iommor and the sorrow of his mother, Mairg. It showed how Mairg went to Ri Searbhas and received a crown of roots, and Ri Searbhas tore the cloak of his lineage, turning against Rhawunel’s family.

Just as Rhawunel learned who was responsible for killing her mother and exiling her brothers, a howling wind blew in from the mouth of the barrow, and something slid over the entrance, blocking out the light. Trapped in the darkness, the companions drew their weapons as a massive roar shook the stones beneath their feet…


Oooh, great tale of our adventure! I’m so intrigued by Rhawunel’s discovery and I can’t wait to fight!

The Mists of Arkaley -- Part 1

Nice recap, mate. Looking forward to seeing what occurs!

The Mists of Arkaley -- Part 1

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