Interlude -- The Weaver and the Scholar

A letter from Manard the Weaver to Ulreik Hras Halril, collected upon the companions’ arrival in Calchester, 12-3-16 RL time

To the learned and diligent Ulreik Hras Halril,

Per our prior agreement I have continued my investigation into the acquisition of the Mordavian Transcripts. It would seem that Euthynos has procured every copy for leagues around. I have written to every abbey and learned sage throughout Gloriana and Borgondhi, even to Grave Runda herself, and alas, I am unanswered, or receive only news that Euthynos has purchased from them every scrap and half-written novice’s copy—save one.
Should fortune find you in the fair and prosperous town of Calchester, there is one library that has escaped your rival scholar’s determination—that of Lady Knight Ursi Arcistoth. I have on good authority that she inherited from the property of a neighbor whose negligence cost him his entire estate a transcription of the Mordavian tablets from the quill of a cloistered acolyte in an abbey on the borders of distant Emankorrak. Raided by the rough warriors of that land, it found its way to the private collection of that unwise nobleman, and thereby to Lady Arcistoth’s shelves.

With the utmost reverence and respect for the rightfully appointed Lady Knight, I find it unlikely she has disposed of this text. Regretfully, Ursi holds learned scholars and students of the written word in little regard, particularly those with a penchant for the arts arcane. Convincing her to part with the text will be no small task.

By the time you reach Calchester, the delightfully quaint traditional harvest celebration will be in full swing. Do take in the sights and flavors—the terminus of the festival is a great feast sponsored by the Lady Knight, where all the folk thereabouts bring their ales and wines. Whichever best pleases the town council, Lord Mayor and Ursi Arcistoth herself may be entitled to a boon of their choice. A curious tradition that may avail you.

With all sincerity of affection and admiration for your continuous dedication to the noble pursuit of learning even in the face of hardship and the cruel injustice of fate’s fickle hand,




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