The University of Gloriana is famously the only sanctioned place of learning for the magical arts in all the land. Of course, it is far more than that—not everyone studying there seeks magical power. Formal lessons and lectures on a wide variety of topics, including mathematics, history, natural philosophy, theology and the cultures of countless lands can be found within its hallowed halls.

Founded centuries ago by human and Alfar scholars, attendance at the University is no small matter. They accept only the most brilliant and authentically curious to their ranks. Applicants must write lengthy letters explaining their background, demonstrating their intellect and prior knowledge, and confessing why they wish to study there. These letters are scrutinized by a variety of scholars. Should the initiate wish to master the arcane arts, they are vetted by the School Council—a reclusive circle of ten ancient Alfar—whose methods are kept a close secret. Votes for acceptance must be unanimous, and given the long lives and inhuman perspective of time amongst the Alfar, this can take quite a while.

Students at the University must struggle through vast halls of scrolls and tomes that have been there for centuries. Suffice to say, things are not exactly organized. Rumor has it there are chambers that have not been opened since two monarchs ago.

Known Students & Teachers

Ulreik Hras Halril, former student, expelled for reasons unknown.

Euthynos, graduate of the University who stayed on as a resident scholar.



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