The Fifth Kingdom

We walk the world of Mortals. The Sky Kingdom makes war upon us. I have sundered the gates of the Underworld, and the Fair People keep their ways secret. I have the counsel of Silver-Clad Jonil and the wisdom of the DARASTRIX. Yet of kingdoms I know four, said TARAS.

Paths of mind and wandering, barred to the children of Dusk, Dawn and Night. Enshrouding all as a mist, bending to the wills of the learned, flowing through all kingdoms, reaching into the shadows of the soul. A fog that conceals us from Beyond the Stars. You walk the land at night without seeing your own feet.

— The Mordavian Tablets

The famed scholar Paracelsus wrote of the Four Kingdoms—the Mortal Realm, the Sky Kingdom, the Land of Faerie, and the Underworld. Only in the secret texts of the Dokkalfar and the words of powerful faeries can one learn of the mysterious Fifth Kingdom. As Mairg’s power over this domain grows, uncovering its secrets becomes more and more important.

What We Know

  • The Fifth Kingdom seems to be connected to dreams, and may in fact be the world where dreams take place.
  • The party first encountered the Fifth Kingdom when Nuinn told them that “Mairg reached out through the Fifth Kingdom” before being driven out “By ash and embers.” Whatever happened, it prevented her from being able to affect Arkaley henceforth.
  • It is suspected that the Gray Wanderers may know some secrets of the Fifth Kingdom.
  • Mairg’s Crown of Roots grants her power over the Fifth Kingdom. She is using it to imprison humans in a fevered, nightmarish sleep. While thus imprisoned, she drains their life away to increase her power.
  • This power stems from something called the Root of Sorrow, all that remains of a tree that once grew in the fifth kingdom. According to the Mordavian Tablets, this tree fed on suffering and hate until a phoenix burned it to ashes. The tree’s roots remain spread throughout the worlds. They still have some of the power of the original tree but are vulnerable to “Ash and Embers.”
  • Something called “The Path of Seven Veils” grants access to the Fifth Kingdom. It is likely the Rainbow Road from Ulreik’s childhood stories. Access to the Path of Seven Veils is controlled by the King of Storms and the Queen of Stars.
  • The Dokkalfar control one additional path to the Fifth Kingdom. Called the “Scintillating Path,” it is the secret of the Dokkalfar Sage, and is “barred by ash and embers.”

The Fifth Kingdom

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