The Fifth Kingdom

We walk the world of Mortals. The Sky Kingdom makes war upon us. I have sundered the gates of the Underworld, and the Fair People keep their ways secret. I have the counsel of Silver-Clad Jonil and the wisdom of the DARASTRIX. Yet of kingdoms I know four, said TARAS.

Paths of mind and wandering, barred to the children of Dusk, Dawn and Night. Enshrouding all as a mist, bending to the wills of the learned, flowing through all kingdoms, reaching into the shadows of the soul. A fog that conceals us from Beyond the Stars. You walk the land at night without seeing your own feet.

— The Mordavian Tablets


The famed scholar Ison Siranox wrote of the Four Kingdoms—the Mortal Realm, the Sky Kingdom, the Land of Faerie, and the Underworld. Only in the secret texts of the Dokkalfar and the words of powerful faeries can one learn of the mysterious Fifth Kingdom. As Mairg’s power over this domain grows, uncovering its secrets becomes more and more important.

At the Dawn, the world was formed from Divine Will, Divine Vision, and the Four Elements. When Luminias fell, the Sovereigns reshaped the cosmos, creating the Four Kingdoms. They pooled their elements in the Underworld, drew them forth to shape the Mortal World, set them as a barrier against the Hungry Dark in the Sky Kingdom, and scattered the Divine Will, the Light of Dawn, throughout Faery.

But through all of this, they left Vision alone, for without Will, Vision could not shape the earth, could not draw the greed of fiends hungry to twist and consume. When the Four Kingdoms were formed, Vision manifested through the elements on the Mortal World. So came into being Humanity and the other Dreaming Peoples, whose minds could transcend what was, wandering through possibles, maybes, never weres and stranger Visions.

Unbeknownst to the Sovereigns, against their designs, another world existed, emerging uncalled for from the vision and imagination left over from the World Before—the Fifth Kingdom, Dream.

The Fifth Kingdom is a shapeless place unless guided by a thinking mind. It manifests around them when they wander its infinite expanses, creating small Dreamscapes around that creature. Most entities that Dream do so absently, their minds conjuring up images from their experiences.

It is possible to dream deliberately, gaining control over the local dreamscape. Oneiromancers—those who delve into the magic of the Fifth Kingdom—can depart their own dreamscapes and enter others, gaining control, delivering messages, even tormenting the minds of other dreamers.

While normally only those of the Dreaming People can channel this magic, it is not uncommon for Fairies to use spells to visit the dreams of mortals. They are strangers there and do not linger. Of all the Dawn People, the Dokkalfar are the most talented Oneiromancers, using sleeping mortals as windows to watch over the Fifth Kingdom and ward it against threats.

The pinnacle of Oneiromantic magic is the ability to bring one’s body into the Fifth Kingdom, present in more than mind alone. So-called “Paths” to the Fifth Kingdom are

Ancient texts and mad sages hint that there are things that live there, physically present in the Fifth Kingdom. Some of these mysterious entities are benevolent, others inscrutable…and some still are predators, hunting the minds of mortals.


  • Morphic The Dreamscape can be changed by thought alone. Dreamers and Walkers can make Intelligence, Charisma or Wisdom checks to conjure up items, creatures, terrain and anything they can imagine. The more powerful or significant the change, the more difficult these checks are. Nothing Visioned in dream can be brought out of the Fifth Kingdom.
  • Flowing Time For every 10 minutes spent in Dream, one minute passes in the Mortal World.
  • Mindscape If a Dreamer is slain, they suffer 1 level of Exhaustion and awaken with their heart pounding.

If a Dream Walker is slain, since their body is dead, they are also dead, and their spirit is lost in the Fifth Kingdom.

Nations & Peoples

Powerful Figures

  • The Dreamwarden, a fiery apparition that responds to the rituals of the Penitents.
  • The Root of Sorrows, all that remains of the Maker of Nightmares, Despair’s Herald, the Old Scorpion

The Fifth Kingdom

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