Prophecy of the New Day

It was Taras Golden who first fulfilled the Prophecy of the New Day, and he who set it to words in the Scroll of Taras. Mairg obsesses over fulfilling it. The Dark Elves wrote of it. It is whispered amongst certain heretics that Blessed Child of Our Triumphant Family renewed the Prophecy, establishing the kingdom of Gloriana with its power.


But of the Prophecy itself, little is known. One thing is certain: It is not a prediction, but a set of conditions—conditions which, once fulfilled, can found empires and overthrow the mightiest immortals.

What do we know?

  • The two times the Prophecy is known to have been fulfilled, it was by individuals with mortal blood (Taras: Half-dragon; Blessed Child: Human [originally])
  • The first time the prophecy was fulfilled, it resulted in the founding of Elam. The second time, it started the kingdom of Gloriana.
  • Each time the prophecy was on the verge of fulfillment, the Sky Kingdom waged war on the Mortal Realm.
  • Individuals who fulfill the prophecy supposedly perform feats of power such as single-handedly defeating the Princes of the Four Winds.
  • The prophecy has something to do with the Gates of the Underworld.

Prophecy of the New Day

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