Creatures of Faery

  • Pixies


Mischievous spirits of the four seasons, pixies are common denizens of the land of Faery. They are curious and delight in playing pranks on travelers. Pixies can fly and turn invisible by their very nature, and wield other natural powers as well—control over vines and plants, the ability to conjure light and illusions, and others.

They are no more than a foot tall, with transparent wings and an appearance/garb that changes with the seasons. During the autumn, acorn cups and red colors are in, but the moment spring dawns flowers are the latest fashion. Pixies treat well with travelers who react with humor or good nature to their antics. Faced with true foes or threats, they turn invisible and flee as swiftly as possible.

  • Ogres


Incredibly stupid, greedy and easily enraged. Like many giants, Ogres are originally native to Faery, but frequently stumble into our world, forming tribes and enclaves in distant wild lands. Ogres who enter the mortal realm in civilized lands usually make a big ruckus, eat some livestock (or children) and get hunted down by the regional knight. Or so the townsfolk hope, at least.

Ogres are not to be underestimated—in hand to hand combat, their brutal strength and rage can crush puny mortals.

  • Will-o-Wisp


Travelers in lonely swamps and dark forests have told tales of lanterns hovering just out of sight, promising warmth and safety. Following these floating lights only leads to sorrow—the will-o-th’-wisp is a malevolent spirit that leads unwary wanderers into peril, luring them to quicksand, spider webs, hidden ravines and other dangers. As the mortal panics and tries to escape, the wisp feeds on their despair and fear, then snuffs out their life.


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