The Marchen Woods lie at the furthest extent of human reach. The King of Marchen reigns over these lands, by the grace of the High Queen. Characterized by imposing mountains, shadowed vales, and rare meadows, these woods have been the site of countless battles—mortal against mortal, mortal against elf, and mortal against the fey themselves.

Three generations ago, King Geir II led his knights over the river Eibbenflow to claim the fertile plains from the Huldra. Clad and armed in the iron that is bane to all fey, the knights burst through the forests and pushed the wood elves all the way across the plains to the foothills and up to the mountains. But in those forests, Geir’s knights were ambushed and ensnared. King Geir himself was killed in battle, leaving no direct heirs to the throne.

Demoralized by the loss of their monarch the knights were assailed anew by the wood elves. Desperate for help, King Geir’s sister traveled to the city of Gloriana and plead her case before the queen. Reinforcements went out and in a series of decisive battles the humans drove the last elves over the mountains. At the highest mountain pass, King Geir’s foremost champion, Isbrand the Steadfast, killed the Huldra King in single combat.

Isbrand swore fealty to Geir’s sister, who was indebted to Gloriana, and the Queen proclaimed Isbrand the Sovereign Protector of the newly formed province of Marchen


Arkaley A small village at the furthest edges of Yorlen’s lands.

Calchester Stronghold of Ursi Arcistoth

Caonach Vale A mist shrouded valley just over the mountains, where mortal authority wanes, and the Bitter King holds sway.

Fern Crossing A traveler’s way station at the crossing of two rivers.

Geirrfast King Isbrand III’s capitol city

Yorlen The westernmost hold of Marchen


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