Gloriana is a world filled with magic. However, that magic mostly lies outside the understanding and control of mortals. A village may have a local wise woman who knows the magic of herbs and some rhymes that ward off evil or thwart disease, and heroes in search of wisdom or help in love or grave matters often seek out the druids. But folk magic aside, true power is rarely understood.


Troubadours, travelers, minstrels and tinkers have always held a semi-mystical reputation. Luck smiles on them, fortune favors them, the fair folk hold them in accord. Those who learn the right songs and notes can weave the magic of enchantment around them.

Most say that the magic of music was first taught by the fey to mortals, brought back by a particularly brazen musician who sought to win love through her art. Others whisper that the wisest bards know the tones that played at the dawn of the world—the Primal Music itself, the Words of Creation.

Clerics (And Paladins)

The gods listen to the prayers of the faithful. Those who hold the divines in their heart can channel their power, becoming instruments of beatific miracles. Similarly, those who give themselves over to the worship of dark entities of the underworld become gates of horror and misery.

Noteworthy clerical orders include the Church of Our Triumphant Family, whose practitioners travel far and wide to spread the good news. In Elam, priests of the various local and ancestral gods can be found in every village. Those who walk the Path of Righteousness prefer the internal discipline and focus of the Monk’s way.

The Knights of the Pendant act as the Church Militant branch of Our Triumphant Family. They ride across the land righting wrongs and battling evil, swearing fealty only to the church.

The Huldra have their own warrior orders—mysterious guardians who swear an oath that has no translation to the common tongue. They act as protectors of the Huldra royalty, preservers of natural beauty. Rumor holds that they are empowered by the Caonach Vale, just as their king is.

Druids (And Rangers)

The old religion still prevails amongst the peasantry, but ever since the war against the Huldra of the Caonach Vale, druidism has fallen into suspicion. Human druids are medicine men, wise women, village healers and woodsfolk. Others have been driven into hermitage, shunning humans to be at one with nature.

No druids are more powerful than the Huldra. This is the chief cause for the persecution of druids within the bounds of Marchen. It is said that Ri Searbhas himself can command the winds and storms, and that all the trees and mists of the Caonach vale heed his sway over nature.


Those possessed of The Gift are different from the sagely wizards and oathbound Warlocks. Such individuals are treated with awe or suspicion. Dragonblooded sorcerers are the inheritors of ancient bloodlines, descended from dragons. Wild Magic sorcerers are touched by the power of fairy.


Years of study, analyzing the stars and their relationships, memorizing the names of beings whose power can be channeled (and exactly how to pronounce those names) can lead to mastery of the mystical arts. It is easy to screw up wizardly magic, and the consequences are horrific. Few achieve power this way. Those who do hide themselves away in towers, shutting out all distractions and trappings of mundane mortal life to contend with gods and demons instead.

Gloriana’s court wizard, RĂșnda, is the most powerful arcane practitioner in the land. She serves nobody but the High Queen herself. Even the learned Alfar fear her.

The Alfar, dawn-elves, are steeped in wizardry. Their sages often appear at the academy to lecture students in their own cryptic ways. Alfar homes and settlements are hidden by spells of incredible power and beauty. It is said that the Alfar were the first to teach magic to mortals, and they founded the University in Gloriana itself.


The most common way to tap into the power of magic is through making a deal with a powerful entity. Not all warlocks are evil, but most fear their power and hunt them down. Since there are many demons, fairies and unspeakable things willing to grant magical might in exchange for loyalty, warlocks are the most common arcanists, especially in regions with little in the way of formal education.


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