Lore Basics

Gloriana is a kingdom of soaring spires, brave knights, wise queens, mysterious magic, and tales of heroes great and small.

And that is not where our story takes place.

Far from the light cast by the glistening marble towers of that fair city lie the Marchen Woods. Little towns dot the thick forests, filled with humble folk who may never leave the confines of their birthplace. And with good reason—the light of day never truly pierces the boughs of the Marchen Woods. Beasts and monsters prowl the night and hunt the woodsmen who dare stray from the path. Witches, fairies, ogres and horrors lurk just at the edge of vision.

Over the looming shadows of the Bulwark Mountains, the Caonach Vale is forbidden to all mortals, for Ri Searbhas and his vengeful people have sworn to hunt and kill the humans who banished him from the Marchen Woods a generation ago.

The otherworld of Faery lies perilously close to the Marchen woods. Fairy mounds and toadstool rings often reveal pathways between the mortal world and the Sidhe courts, but on nights when the stars are right, unearthly riders and wild hunts rage through the woods, catching up all unfortunate enough to be caught in their wake. Travelers are taught to always be courteous to strangers, for the Seelie fey may respond favorably to good manners. Should you cross paths with the Unseelie, however, may the gods protect you.

High above the green fields and dark forests of faery are the lands of the Sky Kingdom—cloud islands in an empty sea of blue. Swamps made of smoke, rolling hills of mist, winds you can drink and creatures that ride lightning across the kingdom are some of the countless wonders—and perils—of this realm.

Lore Basics

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