Soaring castle spires, marble towers, knights clad in golden armor, flowers and festivals and wonders—these are the hallmarks of Gloriana, seat of the High Queen and fairest kingdom in all the land.

In addition, it also refers to the city itself at the kingdom’s heart. Gloriana’s power reaches across every smaller kingdom. Only the most proud, distant rulers dare defy the High Queen’s authority. Her armies are vast, her knights brave and well-armed, the magic at her command unsurpassed.

A radiant sun is the symbol of the kingdom. Each monarch has their own insignia superimposed over the Golden Sun. Rulership passes to the eldest child in each generation, and Gloriana’s Kings and Queens have held incredible power for time untold. Only the Alfar and the distant empire of Elam remember the time before Gloriana’s supremacy.


Technically, all lesser kings and queens rule by the Grace of Gloriana. While accorded sovereignty in their own lands, it is the High Throne’s wish to maintain peace and prosperity. Any ruler who acts openly against another may face the wrath of Gloriana’s armies.

It is the preference of the High Queen to rule through peace and wisdom. She sends diplomats and counselors to adjudicate tensions between kingdoms. Her knights ride out on quests to vanquish monsters and seek lost wonders, and only rarely have to enforce the Queen’s wishes by the sword.

The High Basilica of Our Triumphant Family can be found here. This city is the stronghold of the Faith. The clergy crowns each new monarch to take the throne. The Knights of the Pendant maintain a steadfast here as well, though their headquarters can be found elsewhere.

Magic is more openly practiced and welcome here than perhaps anywhere else in the land (exempting of course the distant lands of Elam). This is largely due to the history of friendship between the elusive Alfar and the throne of Gloriana. The University was founded generations ago by a council of ten wise Alfar wizards. They have taught the arts arcane to mortal wizards ever since.


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