Witch of the Willows


The fairies called her willow’s bride
Until the day the willow died
It burned itself an ashen black
And tore her wings from off her back

Now dwells she in foggy fen
And plies her trade in distant glen
Sells secret lore by men unknown
For memories that aren’t her own

Days of joy, echoes of pain
Until her own thoughts can’t remain
Her sorrowed heart she seeks to tame
But she can’t unless she takes your name

— The Willows Widow, folk song


Theme: The Rite of Destiny

  • One of the Three Sisters
  • Trades in Memories
  • Made a deal with Tavion during Tavion’s early youth, before Tavion’s village was destroyed by the Knights of Terranimbus
  • Made a deal with Florian—traded him secret knowledge in exchange for his memories, which slowly drained out of him until he forgot to feed himself and died. Those memories were stored in a Memory Bottle in the Tower of Nails
  • Aunty Atropa offered Morel a way out of her curse (set on her by Mother Waxcap) in exchange for the memory bottle.
  • Aunty Atropa also offered Tavion the details of his deal with the Witch of the Willows in exchange for the bottle.
  • Known as the “Willow’s Widow”
  • Said to seek the memories of others in order to drown out her own memories.

Witch of the Willows

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