Tilro Farraud

Speaker for the Farraud Enclave


“Between that bastard Yorlen’s ruffians scrounging us for taxes and the huldra lurkin’ in the woods, there’s little doubt that bad times are coming soon. But you’re going to meet those times with good shoes on your feet, by hill and dale!”

The Farraud clan of dwarves calls Calchester home, ever since the original war against the Huldra. Many of the first dwarves who fought in that conflict still dwell here in their enclave within the city walls. While among themselves they defer to their elders, in dealings with the Arcistoth family and the government of Calchester, they turn to Tilro.

Years ago Tilro tried his hand at the merchant’s trade, departing Calchester to see the world. He went to the capitols of Borgondhi and Gloriana and made it all the way to mountain kingdoms of Taranat and the valley of Emankorrak. On a boat voyage home, a storm caused a beam on their ship to swing right into him, knocking him overboard. Though he survived, his back was never the same, so he returned to his home town of Calchester.

With his education and sharp mind, Tilro was the perfect choice to represent Clan Farraud among the humans. He negotiates trade deals with traveling merchants, sits on the town council to advocate for his community, and serves as ambassador at all town events.

Tilro dresses stylishly, with a fashion sense informed by his wide ranging, cosmopolitan travels. Due to his bad back he’s become a bit girthy over the years. Tilro is fond of dogs and keeps several as pets. His reputation for honesty and forthright dealings has earned him the respect of the town council. Under his guidance, the relationship between the Farraud cobblers and their human neighbors flourishes.

However, Tilro makes little secret of his concerns that bad times are coming soon. He pays close attention to political and economic matters, taking quick notice of any news that comes to town. His theories about imminent trade conflict with Borgondhi and a surge of Huldra aggression has the town on edge.


Tilro Farraud

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