Tavion Gervis

Human Rogue - Mercenary


Alias: Caius Calarook

  • Only survivor of his village
  • Raised by Cedric Dunlan, childhood friend of Jurian Dunlan
  • Trained to fight and in courtly matters, met Aine at King Ralzemon’s court
  • Raised to be critical of injust kings, making him sympathetic to lawbreakers such as Manard Weaver
  • When he came of age Cedric gifted him some weapons and some gold to make a start for himself.
  • Became a mercenary who used his travels as an excuse to smuggle goods—illegal, stolen and untaxed—throughout Borgondhi and beyond.
  • Recently received word from Jurian that he had to depart quickly, for King Ralzemon had placed a bounty on his head.
  • Fled with Aine (as her bodyguard) to the Marchen Woods to lay low.

Tavion Gervis

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