Tarah Arcistoth

Deceased Travelling Merchant


Tarah Arcistoth was the younger sister of Ursi Arcistoth, mother to Gaemund and the Bastards of Arcistoth, and a well known merchant who traveled throughout the continent.

In addition to her silver tongue and friendly demeanor, there was more to Tarah Arcistoth than Gaemund had ever known. Sadly, she was killed protecting Gaemund from the Huldra that raided her travelling caravan. Worst still, it seems a Lady in Red purloined the spoils of the massacred caravan.

Since her death, Gaemund has been going through his mother’s possessions and belongings; originally, he was accumulating mementos to distribute amongst his brothers, however, during his search he has found a few items that hint at his mother’s more colorful past…and it seems to have had a profound effect on him…

Tarah Arcistoth

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