A witch dressed in a red cloak, Sheevra has played a secret part in the Companions’ misfortunes since Tarah Arcistoth and Corik Tel’Maerlyth died. Though none of those traveling with the caravan — Bromin Firebeard, Gaemund, Morel or Rhawunel — saw her during that fateful attack, somehow she acquired the goods left behind when they abandoned the attack site. How did Bromin’s ale reach her hands? And what errand did she have, selling it to a farmer in Calchester on her way to Borgondhi?

When the companions followed her back to Dunlan Fief, they learned that she was in conspiracy with Warrick of Borgondhi. The Mercenaries flocking to the Marchen border knew of her and spoke of her in hushed whispers. But it was not until the Battle of Dunlan Keep that the depths of her iniquity were revealed. With her magic, she took the shape of Jurian Dunlan, leading a revolt against Ralzemon von Borgondhi and holding Jurian’s father, Cedric Dunlan, hostage. It was all the excuse that Warrick’s mercenaries needed to storm the keep, fighting to “save” the old knight from his “treacherous son.”

After sneaking and battling their way through both Warrick’s mercenaries and Cedric’s house guards, the Companions confronted Sheevra in her disguise. They uncovered her disguise only to find that the illusion concealed not only Sheevra’s identity, but the bloody body of Cedric Dunlan, already slain before they reached his chamber.

With Sheevra as her prisoner, the companions must hurry to reveal her secrets. Who is she? Why has she thrown Dunlan Fief into chaos? And why is it that she looks so very, very familiar…


Art Credit:


Gloriana TormentedbyGnomes