Prince Barasko von Marchen

Prince of Marchen


Isbrand Von Marchen III‘s brother is widely regarded as an odd man, perhaps even moreso than the King. There are few official duties for the Prince, aside from management of his own lands (largely left to a majordomo) and supporting the King through official court appearances. Barasko is a man of unexpected strength, and from time to time in his youth he rode out against Marchen’s enemies.

The last time this occurred was during the rescue of Otillia von Marchen, some five years ago. When the Princess was snatched from her chambers by malicious goblins, Barasko personally led the knights and heroes of Marchen into the woods to bring her home. The members of that company speak of Barasko’s terrible rage and feats of brutality as he scaled the tower and slaughtered its guardians to retrieve the princess, and on the trip home he walked so she could ride his horse instead.

In court, Barasko mostly bites his nails and draws idle (and surprisingly good) caricatures with charcoal and pen.


Prince Barasko von Marchen

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