Otillia von Marchen

Crown Princess of Marchen


The only living heir to the Throne of Marchen, Ottilia will be the first Ruling Queen (assuming her father does not marry her off and subordinate his throne to another power) since the line was established. Since birth she has been raised for leadership, a mantle she regards with ambivalence.

Always a flighty and odd girl, Ottilia became far more somber and mature after she was kidnapped by goblins in her youth. At the age of sixteen, they broke into the castle at night and stole her away. Prince Barasko von Marchen rode out along with King Isbrand III’s knights to wrest her from their wicked clutches. In a mouldering grove deep within the Marchen Wood, the knights found the crumbling tower where the princess was held, scaled it, and brought her home.

Ottilia still bears a scar across her heart from the incident. She is fond of music, with a high silver voice that charms and delights the courts of Geirrfast. Her charmed words can make any courtier or visitor feel like the center of the world. Though more withdrawn and secretive than before the kidnapping, the young princess is well positioned to take the reins of power.


Otillia von Marchen

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