Nabac An'Angren

Lost prince of Angren


On a moonless night long ago, two sons were born to Queen Dakona of Angren — Caille and Nabac. One had eyes burning with fire and the spirit of a warrior. The other spoke little, for he could feel the fears and joys of every tree in the forest, every bird on the wind.

Any son of the Caonach King must come to grips with the possibility of inheriting the crown. Caille prepared himself by endlessly training in the arts of war. He could run faster, climb higher, shoot further and fight longer than any of his peers. He wore the mantle of fierce courage and ferociously opposed anyone who threatened his family, especially their little sister, of whom he was particularly fond. Nabac, though, spent his days alone in the forest, meditating by ponds, watching the wind caress the flowers of the meadow, listening to the trees, and running down the faerie paths.

In the wake of Iommor’s death, Queen Mairg went down to the Starless Market and returned with a crown of roots. She whispered into the ear of the Bitter King and he turned his back on Queen Dakona and her sons. Mairg’s loyal kin descended upon the beautiful valley of Angren and slaughtered Dakona’s court. Caille and Nabac fought to her last breath. It was only the command of Corik Tel’Maerlyth, guardian of the queen and paladin of Gisirgis, that convinced them to flee. The twins fled the valley by different paths, their fates unknown to all their kin.

Years later, a young princess of Borgondhi fled an arranged marriage to seek out a friend who’d gone missing in the woods. She stumbled upon the lair of a terrible green dragon. During her imprisonment, she met the dragon’s servant and student—the Huldra, Nabac. How he came to the dragon’s service remains a mystery, but she knew that Nabac could speak the draconic language and was learning mystical secrets from the tyrant.

In time, though, Nabac fell in love with the princess’ willpower, depth of character, beauty and determination. He chose in the end to help her and her friend escape, leaving himself to face his erstwhile master’s wrath.

The lost prince of Angren has only been seen once since then—on the night he came to the princess’ tower. Imprisoned by her father for defiance, Helena saw him flying on emerald wings—just like the dragon’s. His skin was becoming hard and shining, slowly turning into scales. It was the curse of the green dragon settling in upon him. They shared the night together and before dawn he flew off once again.

Nobody knows where Nabac the mystic is now, or how the curse has changed him. His daughter and his sister have united to find him.

Nabac An'Angren

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