Manard Weaver

Legitimate Businessman


Manard’s stated profession is right there in his name: He is a representative of the Guild of Weavers and Dyemen, hailing from Geirrfast. From village to town and hold he bustles with great fervor and noise, loudly proclaiming the importance of his shipments and business. More of a middle man than a merchant himself, he sells his wares to contacts he’s made across the entirety of Marchen and Borgondhi.

Anybody with any sense of awareness knows that Manard’s proudly proclaimed guild membership is an excuse for his real work. Indeed, there is speculation that Manard may have forged his guild credentials in the first place. Ne’er do wells, scoundrels and suspicious characters of all sorts know Manard’s travel schedule like clockwork. They make a point of meeting with him as he passes through, and conducting deals of an altogether different sort.

In conversation Manard is boisterous, rushed, but inquisitive. He portrays himself as friendly but eternally busy, and the fact that he’s taking time out of his day to ask so many questions about your fascinating peasant life in this dark, lonely village at the edges of the haunted forest should make you feel special. How much of this is feigned is up for interpretation.

Manard Weaver

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