Jurian Dunlan

Young Knight of Dunlan Fief


Cedric Dunlan’s firstborn son and childhood friend of the orphan boy that Cedric adopted. Jurian is renowned in the hold for his casual charisma and wit. He tries to resolve conflicts between peasants in his fief with patience and understanding, but knows how to put his foot down when needed.

Like his father, Jurian is ill at ease with King Ralzemon’s treatment of his populace. The young knight may be most in his element when exchanging witticisms and flirtations with members of the high court, but he firmly believes in just stewardship over the people. Because of this belief and his upbringing with the orphan boy, Jurian cares more about justice than sheer authority, and has been known to keep company that more traditional knights and lords might not approve of.


Jurian Dunlan

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