Isbrand Von Marchen III

King of Marchen


The King of Marchen’s grandfather slew the Elf King, paving the way for human settlemen. Each firstborn son since then has taken the name of the original hero, Isbrand. The current holder of the name is a shrewd, strange man. With the High Queen so far away, Isbrand III has almost total power within his ancestral lands. What few nobles Marchen has constantly vie for his attention, make shows of strength and subtle defiance, and otherwise attempt to leverage him for power.

Overall the man is inscrutable. He says as little as possible, preferring to let others talk and arm him with the tools and knowledge he needs to control the outcome. Isbrand’s outwards appearance is somewhat ramshackle for a nobleman. He wears the finery due his position out of respect for the office, and leaves most of his decorating and fashion decisions to his advisors and castellans. When holding court he slouches casually on his throne.

Appearances can be deceptive—Isbrand is a man of iron discipline. Rumor holds he practices with the sword every morning when he rises, for over an hour, and has never once been seen in his cups. Many of Isbrand’s actions make sense only to himself, and the faintest twitch of a smile lurk beneath his beard when he makes a proclamation or decides a debate between two courtiers.

Known Affiliates

Otillia von Marchen, daughter
Prince Barasko von Marchen, brother
Ursi Arcistoth, vassal knight
Valter von Yorlen, vassal baron

Isbrand Von Marchen III

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