Fallen Huldra skinchanger.


Once a powerful huldra skinchanger, Iommor’s tomb lies in a meadow, at the foothills of the Bulwark mountains.


“And behold, another beast, a second one, resembling a bear. And it was raised up on one side, and three ribs were in its mouth between its teeth; and thus they said to it, ‘Arise, devour much meat!’

Daniel 7:5

The son of Mairg and Ri Searbhas, Iommor spoke the secret tongue of beasts and trees. He lived alone in the caves of the Caonach Vale to study their secrets and commune with the valley. In time he felt the dying blows of the Huldra slain by King Geirr’s knights as if they were his own hearbeat. Iommor took the shapes of hawks, wolves, fish, but the shape closest to his heart was that of morco, the Great Bear.

Aside from the company of the wilderness and its spirits, the only thing that Iommor craved was the approving gaze of the mighty king Ri Searbhas. The skinchanger saw the power that the Bitter King wielded over nature with wonder. Mairg the Queen left her child to his own devices, to seek his own happiness, and Iommor chose to invoke the songs of the fallen Huldra and the shape of morco. He took the ancient enmity of Huldra for the noon-children and burst from the vale.

As a beast of massive height, bone white fur and bloody claws and eyes, Iommor tore through the settlements the noon-children built with fury. No weapon or warrior could stand against him. Even the iron-clad knights fell before his might. It was only with the coming of Ursi Arcistroth that he met his match.

Unlike those who set traps and ambushes for him, Ursi simply rode to the Caonach Vale and called out to the great bear. She waited on the mountain pass for three days, and on a misty morning Iommor answered her call. The tales say that Ursi did not accuse him of marauding or call him a monster—she simply challenged him to face her strength. Iommor broke the spine of her horse and took Ursi’s eye, but her cunning and skill were more than the skinchanger expected. Her blade sunk deep into his neck, and when the morco fled back to faery to nurse its wounds, it left Iommor behind to die at the knight’s hand.

The knight paid her foe small homage, burying him in an unmarked cairn in the mountain pass. When she left, Iommor’s people came to mourn him. They heaped up the earth around him in the custom of their ancestors and left gifts and offerings. It is said that Mairg herself wept upon the mound that night, tears of silver blossoming where they lay.


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