Genevieve, High Queen of Gloriana

Her Radiance, Her Imperial Majesty, High Queen


Legend and piety hold that the Kingdom of Gloriana was born when Fearless Mother and Kind Father gave their lives to protect their Blessed Child. Prophet, healer, and champion, the Child united the land with wisdom and began the dynasty that reigns to this very day. The oldest child of each monarch inherits the throne, and in this time it is Genevieve who rules the land.

As befits the High Queen, Genevieve radiates raw power and authority. Her smiles and frowns alike barely touch her face, but her eyes and gestures say far more than mere words. The people love and respect her for austere judgement in times of chaos and gentle kindness in moments of peace.

Of some concern to the rank and file is the trust and influence Genevieve bestows on her advisor, Dread Runda. As an outsider to the land with magic ill understood even by the University, Runda unsettles the Queen’s other councilors and nobles. Any complaint or suggestion to reduce Runda’s access to the throne is met with the unrelenting gaze of the Queen, and quickly silence.


Genevieve, High Queen of Gloriana

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