Esteemed Scholar of the Imperial University


The waters of knowledge are sullied by the feet of the masses. We must only dole out what they need for their fields, lest they come clamoring for the source.

A scholar from a well regarded, landed family, Euthynos is a fixture at the Grand Imperial University of Gloriana. Though he remains a student in theory, the man has been here long enough to hold sway. The weight and wealth of his family name does not hurt.

Euthynos believes that a true scholar bears a weighty duty to knowledge and the arts. It is not enough to simply be learned; one must also bring dignity to one’s role. He embodies this by wearing the finest fashions, keeping his clothes and self immaculately clean, and staying in peak physical condition. Euthynos is rarely idle—when he is not buried in his studies or vigorously arguing with colleagues, he exercises with a brutish trainer rumored to be part ogre, socializes with the upper classes, attends lectures and sinks himself into puzzles and games of skill.

If anything rubs Euthynos the wrong way more than knowledge being shared with those he deems “dangerous” or “unfit,” it is restrictions placed on his own pursuits. Curiosity—in those worthy of such endeavors—should never be impeded. Anything that limits or constrains Euthynos is an insult—more than one fellow student has fallen out of favor after questioning the morality or feasibility of Euthynos’ latest inquiry.

One would think this common interest in unrestrained learning would make allies of Ulreik Hras Halril. Unfortunately, this is not the case—Ulreik made the grave mistake of raising a perfectly reasonable objection to one of Euthynos’ proclamations about the nature of the Veil that separates Faerie from the Mortal Kingdom. To receive even a mild criticism from an unlanded scholar with no father was an insult Euthynos could not forgive. From that point forward, Ulreik found the Alfar council of sages turned against him, culminating in the confiscation of all of Ulreik’s books and notes and the unfortunate half-elf’s expulsion from the University.

Of late, it seems that Euthynos has been acquiring every single transcript of the Mordavian Tablets throughout the entire kingdom. The reason behind his interest is unknown.

  • Euthynos once traveled to the Faerie realm under the protection of the Alfar elders. He visited one of their fantastic and luminescent cities, and came back with a great deal of observations about the Faerie world.


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