Cedric Dunlan

Old Knight of Borgondhi


Knight of Dunlan Fief. When he was a younger man he rode out against a beast that had ravaged a homestead on his lands. The only survivor was a young boy, who he adopted and raised as a page/servant alongside his son, Jurian.

The boy grew up as a peasant amongst the lower nobility, learning the ways of combat, courtly life, and the intricacies and cruelties of Ralzemon von Borgondhi’s rule.

In his old age, Cedric continued to rule his fief with a sense of justice and concern for his populace. Thus when he fell into a cursed sleep, the people of Dunlan Fief reached out for help. It came in the form of Tyrandriel and the blessings of the Laughing God, who shielded Cedric from the power of Mairg’s crown. Cedric awoke long enough to reunite with both his adopted and blood sons.

Alas, his recovery was not to be, for no more than two days later he died at the knife of Sheevra. It seems Mairg took his salvation poorly and set about making his death permanent. It was enough to drive Tavion to take up the path of the assassin, swearing blood vengeance against Mairg and her ilk.

Cedric is survived by his son Jurian and by the fond remembrances of his people.


Cedric Dunlan

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