Bastards of Arcistoth

Gaemund and his ill-fortuned brothers


The sons of Tarah Arcistoth have fared poorly in life. No two of them have the same father, and many hold this as a point of shame against them and their mother. Aunt Ursi will have nothing to do with any of them, citing them as a disgrace to the family legacy. As if that wasn’t enough, each of their respective ventures has ended in failure time and time again. Ill fortune follows them like their own shadows.

Ulfert, First Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Blood Hunter/Ranger: Guide; Wanderer
Travels throughout the lands of Taranat, Emankorrak, and Marchen. Restless and ever moving, Ulfert avoids civilization and prefers to keep to the wilds and to himself. A skilled tracker and proficient hunter, Ulfert knows the wilderness of the continent surrounding Marchen better than most, although he keeps his distance from Borgondhi and the capital city of Gloriana.

Being the eldest of Tarah’s sons, Ulfert was bred to be a Blood Hunter, however, upon his final initiation of imbibing the Hunter’s Bane Ulfert suffered tremendously and was brought to the brink of death. It was only after a grey cloaked wanderer came to Tarah’s caravan and offered her assistance did Ulfert recover from his near death experience. It was not long after that incident that Ulfert set out on his own into the wilds of the world, never to return to civilized lands.

Boltulf, Second Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Fighter: Werebear; Forester
Roams the territory between the Dunlan Fief in Borghundi and the Arcistoth Fief in Marchen, protecting the wildlife and travelers alike from the horrors that have plagued the land of late.

Boltulf was found chained up in the dungeon of the Tower of Nails during the assault against Royce and the Knights of Terranimbus. He had been tortured for months and was brought to the brink of insanity, but after being rescued by Gaemund and cared for by the healers of The Band of Iron, Boltulf regained his senses and upon Gaemund’s request shared the curse of Lycanthropy from Morco the Great Bear’s bloodline.

A haggard yet kind man, Boltulf has led a difficult life and though he does his best to hide his insecurities he is rarely successful. A man of big emotions, he’s quick to react but quicker in reining himself and apologize. Boltulf mainly keeps to himself, but only as a self imposed punishment to protect others from the danger he believes himself to be. Boltulf enjoys the company of his brothers, especially Ulfert, Erginus, and Gaemund.

Cyril, Third Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Bard: Merchant; Fortune Teller; Wanderer
Travels across the realm, much like his mother, moving from town to town selling his wares, telling fortunes, and siring sons…and only sons.

Cyril recently accompanied The Band of Iron on a quest to seek out the Tomb of the Feathered Serpent, and despite being out of his element, Cyril used his magical talents and skill at arms to serve the companions well in Bromin and Morel’s absence.

The male copy of his mother, Cyril is a charming man who is witty, fanciful, and a bit a eccentric. Despite his “flight of fancy” attitude, Cyril is possessed of a keen mind that excels in business practices. Though he has a preference for women, Cyril will casually flirt with almost anyone, and generally won’t decline an offer from a pretty lady…hence his numerous sons scattered throughout the Kingdoms.

Erginus, Fourth Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Rogue: Stevedore; Drunk; Wanderer

Travels the coast between Gloriana and the Marchen Woods working as a dockhand, and drinking himself to a stupor whenever possible.

Erginus envies his brothers, except Ulfert and Boltulf.

Fendrel, Fifth Son of Tarah Arcistoth


Fighter: Blacksmith; Bartender
Twin to Frederic (older)

Calchester is his home, Fendrel has lived within Calchester’s walls since he was old enough to leave his mother’s wagon. Fendrel owns a small forge and works part-time as a bartender (and occasional bouncer) at a local tavern called The Colt and Collie.

Fendrel has been spending much of his time of late in Borgondhi working alongside his twin brother Frederic to make the Tower of Nails both fort and hideout for The Band of Iron and their allies against evils and enemies they’ve made since their quest began.

Frederic, Sixth son of Tarah Arcistoth


Rogue: Sailor; Merchant; Carpenter
Twin to Fendrel (younger)

After spending years at sea, only to get shipwrecked no less than four times, Frederic returned to the Arcistoth home fief of Calchester. Ursi has not seen him once in the five years since his homecoming. He is determined to make a living for himself here, in what was once their hometown, and works hard as a merchant and carpenter to earn the respect and dignity he feels his family is owed.

Frederic harbors a deep grudge against his brothers (save Fendrel) for refusing to set down roots, and especially at Gaemund for working as Baron Yorlen’s tax collector; however, perhaps more than anything else, he is jealous of Gaemund’s close bond with their mother, Tarah.

Gaemund, the Seventh Son of Tarah Arcistoth.


Blood Hunter: Merchant; Blackmailer; Adventuerer
Youngest of the whole lot, he is the black sheep of a family of black sheep, reviled and cursed for his willing collaboration with Valter von Yorlen. Little do his fellow Bastard’s know that his secret generosity sponsors their continued survival.

Gaemund has gathered his brothers together and shared with them the dangers that face the land at the hands of Mairg and her underlings, as well as the reason for his working for Baron Von Yorlen to help his family in a way to save their pride. The Parliament of Bastards have agreed to work together to break the curse upon the Arcistoth family line.


Bastards of Arcistoth

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