Interlude -- The Donkey's Song

The Calchester Festival tests more than feats of strength and agricultural acumen. Poets and singers come to the fair to draw the crowds, earn a coin or two, and hopefully win the favor of the city council. Tilly Carosi took the prize this year. Aside from having a husky voice that carries across the room, her sarcastic sense of humor is a crowd favorite.

The cattle lows, the rooster crows
The sow squeals in her den
But loudest of the animals
The donkey brays YOR-LEN!

Uncontent with fur of gray
Hee-haws for silk and gold
Enduring hardships every day
Like soup that’s three bells old

His stable is not big enough
The straw he eats too stale
Truly, life for him is tough
So close to Huldra vale

Behold the donkey’s mournful fate
A life of ease—alas!
He dreams of kingship but of late
He acts more like an ass!



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